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About us



ES SYSTEM Company was founded in 1995. It has since developed in terms of technology, territory and trading. Initially, the factory, located in Wolbrom, produced light fittings. For past several years the company has been successfully operating on refrigeration engineering market.


Our offer includes high quality refrigeration appliances for wide spectrum of use: with built-in aggregate for small and medium shops, with external refrigeration installation for supermarkets and also bakeries, ice cream parlors, coffee-shops, bistros, gas stations, newsstands and any other retail facilities.



Today, the company operates on 20 000m2 of production plan area and owns a modern machinery park. Our engineering staff is able to conduct research with the EN ISO 23953 certified climate chamber of highest quality.





The features of refrigeration furniture produced in our factory are high quality and attractive design. New line of appliances and an exclusive brand of pastry furniture – LENARI ( proves that refrigerating can be done elegantly and with flair. Whereas industrial design becomes the company's competitive advantage.

Aesthetics of refrigeration furniture finishing stimulates the attractiveness of retail facilities' indoors, thus creating pleasant shopping and consumption environment for your clients. An additional product can be available with fit-out design service, as a piece of equipment or architecture.






Refrigeration appliances produced by ES SYSTEM K gain recognition of many clients both in country and abroad. Currently, Germany, Romania, Hungary and Russia are the most substantial outlet markets. Trade in the Middle East is expanding rapidly. Our sale offers also cover markets of North and South America. To grant easier access to our refrigeration furniture, we've set off a regional retail network in whole Poland and abroad.



Products illustrated on following pages are a result of in-depth analyses of the market but also your needs. They also express our passion for refrigeration engineering and stem from everlasting pursuit of perfection.

See our offer for more details!