From the beginning of the UKS JUDO WOLBROM section, ES SYSTEM K is one of its main sponsors. We are watching with pride how this form of activity allows our clients to develop. This is a general developmental sport, thanks to training, kids not only have great physical condition, but also teach reflexes, regularity and respect. For the sponsor, it does not just mean the possibility of presenting the logo during the competition. When we are on life and business corners, the philosophy of this Japanese martial art often helps us make the right decisions. We are also motivated by the determination and energy of the youngest. Thanks to them, we know that WORTH!

A few interesting facts:


The creation of the judo section at the "Przebój" Wolbrom Sport Club dates back to September 15, 1998, when young athletes were training for the first time. The originator of this section is MSc. Czesław Łaksa, known as the first Polish medalist of great success in the international arena, the first in the history of Polish judo European vice-champion in Luxemburg in 1966, as well as a coach and educator of many Polish judo masters.


Thanks to the activities of our club, over a hundred children and youth find passion in sport and spend their time effectively, which positively affects their upbringing giving them the opportunity to feel emotions like joy of victory, admission of defeat, respect for the opponent, responsibility for the team. These features will certainly pay off in their adult life.



Successes of UKS Judo Wolbrom:


The ranking of battles won by UKS Judo Wolbrom players is admirable. It is impossible to list all the meritorious in the battle over these years, because the alumni of the club are unrivaled in winning more medals and titles, and among professionals more and more often hear opinions that these young athletes are future Olympic hopes.


Recently, young UKS Judo Wolbrom representatives have won a significant pool of medals in both international and national competitions, leaving behind competitors from all over Europe. We could see their successes, among others, in Montenegro, Budapest, Tolmezzo, Bytom, Opole or Łódź.


The competition in youth sport for 2013 was completed according to the rules introduced by the Ministry of Sport for all sports disciplines. We would like to remind you that points can be obtained only in 4 events and they are: Polish Youth Championships, Polish Junior Championships, OOM - Junior Polish Youth Championships and Youth Championships of the Intervievod.


Our players have achieved an absolute record this year in the club's current activity of 97 points. Since 2010, we have already won: 174 gold medals, 115 silver and 120 bronze.

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