Supermarket E. Leclerc in Gdańsk is an example of an investment that sets the direction in the modern trade. Among 132 pcs of refrigeration cabinets that have been installed here as part of the remodeling - each has been selected with great care to fulfill specific functions in the store.


Bearing in mind that cooling absorbs half of the energy consumption in a large-format store and it is responsible for 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions - the owners decided to choose refrigeration equipment powered by a natural factor - CO2 (ODP = 0 ozone layer destruction potential, GWP = 1 potential for creating a greenhouse effect). It enables comprehensive shop equipment that actually does not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere.

This is of great importance for both the energy balance of the commercial network and consumers - this is a parameter to which they pay more and more attention, they are not indifferent to environmental issues. You can do real eco shopping in such a store.


It is also worth paying attention to a number of modern solutions that make the use of ES SYSTEM K refrigeration devices much simpler and faster - both for the staff that supports these devices and the everyday customer.

Chosen cabinets are characterized by properly selected cooling parameters for each zone and in terms of the displayed range, which translates into a guarantee of freshness of the products offered here. Unnecessary structural elements that could cause restrictions in the visibility of the goods or create a barrier in their removal from the shelf were eliminated. The light and transparent construction cause that products are well- exposed and all their values are visible.

Nice merchandising, easy of cleaning and servicing (lift up system of glass, easy- demountable sheet metal for industrial dishwashers, broad work surfaces, etc.) are supported, as well. All appliances are featured by consistent design character.

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