Refrigeration cabinets are crucial to guarantee the quality and freshness of products in food chain and to provide consumers with products that are usually consumed at a lower temperature than ambient one, e.g. drinks. Fulfilling that function, refrigeration cabinets usually use a significant amount of energy and they contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. The aim of Commission Regulation (UE) and EcoDesign Directive is to dispose producers to design energy- efficiency products so as to reduce their influence on the environment throughout the life cycle.



Energy class labels have been created to promote cabinets that are the most environmentally friendly. They are recognized by 93% of consumers in the Union.

New rules guarantee better legibility of labels for consumers on a scale from A to G (eliminating pluses) and assure the innovativeness and place for even more efficient products in the future.



EEI- Energy efficiency index

Commission Regulation of the European Union introduces norms for the energy efficiency index (EEI) that cannot be higher than 100 units after 1st March 2021 and 80 units after 1st September 2023.

All cabinets, that have been ordered in ES SYSTEM K since 1st March 2021, will receive such a label and meet the rules of EKOPROJECT.

The good news is that even today most of them meet the standards for 2023 for A-F class where EEI <80.





EKOPROJECT is an opportunity for ES SYSTEM K to confirm our involvement in optimization process of efficiency of refrigeration cabinets and balanced development. This is a mission that we have implemented under the slogan “respecting tomorrow” for more than a year.


The use of better cabinets means not only savings for commercial network and shops owners but also better results for environmental protection.

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