For the next year in a row, we participated in the largest confectionery and ice-cream fairs in Poland - EXPO SWEET 2019. We believe that flexibility is the future of a trade, so we tried to prove it through the solutions presented at our stand.

The modern gastronomy line Tratto, allows you to modify the sales line depending on the needs of your place at a given moment, the time of day, season and depending on the rotation of the assortment.

The new Volans line, thanks to the lower construction, provides better communication between the seller and the customer.

Ice cream counter Limosa from the exclusive Lenari line, we recommend to all seaside locations. It guarantees the right temperature range and exposure conditions for ice cream.

INSU 'is our revolutionary idea in the presentation of frozen desserts. It works well in a bar, a bakery, as well as in a restaurant.


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