Innovative solutions have been tested in a facility on a global scale. ES SYSTEM K company, except for refrigeration cabinets, implemented a few additional “green solutions” in modern convenience dimension.

Motto that defines the nature of our business sounds: ES SYSTEM K- respecting tomorrow”. We have been able to give voice to that taking part in the latest EKO ŻABKA project. Doors to refrigeration cabinets are a real revolution. Thanks to Zero Heating Doors, we are able to keep transparency of displays and reduce electrical energy consumption to zero. An innovative system of no- contact doors release, that has been used in cooling cabinets, provides quick and hygienic shopping as well as further savings for electrical balance of shop.

A cascade cooling system using natural gases has been applied in our EKO- ŻABKA. Except for its primary use, it recovers the waste heat, too. Smart Shop Control module for communication and management provides safety of employees and customers. Those pioneering solutions are the result of cooperation between ES SYSTEM K and ŻABKA as well as the exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of sustainable development. I think we may be proud of the effects of that innovative undertaking” said Mr. Andrzej Konsor, President of the Management of ES SYSTEM K on the participation in EKO- project of Żabka.


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