The ice cream cabinet of the future must have an ice exposure in vertical orientation – the designers of ES SYSTEM K decided some time ago and they have created INSÙ! Today, this revolutionary idea has been recognized by the jury of the most popular competition related to industrial design in the world. The INSÙ ice cream cabinet received the RED DOT AWARD 2018 distinction.


The red dot given to the best-designed products in the world proves the sensual design. The jury also evaluates a number of functional, ergonomic advantages, analyzes for breakthrough and innovative solutions. In addition to the intriguing, vertical exposure, INSÙ is characterized by unique functionality. Ice cream is placed in special drawers filled with glycol. As a result, the cabinet has extremely stable ice cream storage conditions, their temperature and consistency is always right, and the loss of ice mass does not occur. Ice creams do not need to be placed in the freezing cabinets for the night. The cabinet and the exposure itself is always hygienic and elegant. An undoubted advantage is also the fact that this is space saving solution, INSÙ ocuppies 30 % less of store area than the traditional unit. Also the visibility of products, thanks to a special design is much better than on traditional cabinets.


Although the project seems to be particularly close to the generation of Z and millenials (due to the clear associations with the smartphone) - the cabinet matches both modern, minimalist interiors as well as in the warm restaurants in the hotel foyer. This is the most exclusive form of impulse selling of ice creams, ever invented.


From July 2018 INSÙ will be presented at the RED DOT MUSEUM in Essen. The winning projects will also be seen on the website ( and in the yearly album, the prestigious guide to trends for the current year - Yearbook 2018.

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