During the pandemic, households regularly increased their food supplies, including frozen products. The display of this products is also gaining importance in stores. This trend is visible in convenience store formats and large format stores. This is why the energy-efficient and functional Primus freezing cabinet was developed, in energy class B!


Achieving such favorable parameters in the Primus cabinet was possible thanks to Energy Saving Doors, which provide savings that far exceed previous attempts to reduce operating costs. The latest technology used in the construction of the doors has made it possible to eliminate almost all heating elements found in standard systems, minimising electricity consumption. A unique combination of materials, including a composite profile and a 3-glazed package filled with noble gas, is responsible for insulation from the external environment and prevention of freezing and liquefaction. Comparing the energy consumption of traditional cabinets with a PRIMUS cabinets with ESD, the savings may reach up to 60% and result in return on investment after just a few months.


Primus is a cabinet with its own condensing unit, with the best energy class in this sector . Thanks to minimum depth (66 cm), the equipment is compact and will easily fit in any store format. Available in three versions: 1-door (1D), 2-door (2D) and 3-door (3D).


The high quality product in the standard version features five rows of shelves with offective LED lighting in the door frame. The 90 Lock Door system allows you to lock the door open for easy stocking of the unit. The cabinet is also powered by environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant.


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