COOLBOX is a refrigerated cabinet, which is used for storage and contactless collection of e-grocery purchases. The refrigeration module consists of 10 boxes with temperature range: 0 /+4 °C, the freezing module contains 6 boxes with temperature range: -18 /-22 °C and the cabinets can be combined with any line of products. The set also includes a tower with a built-in QR code reader, which is able to handle up to 100 boxes and is responsible for communication with the operator's system and opening the boxes for the customer.


The solution responds to trend that has taken on importance during the pandemic as customers increasingly choose to shop online. For the operator, this means additional opportunities to sell groceries, and for the customer, the ability to pick up purchases at any time in the most convenient location. The devices are designed to work both indoors (e.g. in shopping malls) and outdoors, outside stores, on housing estates, etc. The Coolbox operating system can be easily integrated with any e-commerce platform or shopping application through the communication protocol.


COOLBOX is also a solution designed with environmental issues in mind. The device is powered by ecological factor R290. It allows for shorting the supply chain, reducing costs and CO2 emissions, which occur in case of door-to-door deliveries.


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